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Traffic Data Gathering

Traffic Data Gathering (TDG) is a sole proprietor firm specializing in the collection, reduction and graphical presentation of traffic/transit data for use in traffic studies and planning. TDG's headquarters are located in the Lake Stevens area in Snohomish County, seven miles east of Everett, and 35 miles north of Seattle, Washington.


Since its establishment in 1991, TDG has successfully completed over 3,500 projects ranging from manual turning movement count for a single intersection to Origin/Destination survey for the City of Edmonds requiring 63 employees working concurrently. The majority of TDG's projects require very quick response to the client's needs for accurate traffic data. TDG prides itself in the fact that we can provide in excess of 30 trained employees for collecting traffic data within a very short period of time not exceeding three days. In addition to our well-trained human resources, TDG uses state-of-the-art computers and automatic traffic counters capable of providing volume, speed, gap and vehicle classification data.

Company Services:

•Automatic Traffic Counts

•Turning Movements Counts
•Speed Surveys

•Vehicle Classifications
•Vehicle Occupancy

•Pedestrian Counts
•Origin/Destination Surveys

•Parking Surveys
•Travel Time Surveys

•Gap Surveys

Currently TDG has a total of 70 automatic counters, 48 of which are capable of providing speed, classification and gap surveys in addition to volume counts.

Carla Nasr, as owner of TDG, has overall responsibility for the management and delivery of all the traffic counts and surveys.